About Us

#ruplaying was formed by dedicated fans with a deep knowledge of grass roots rugby. And in the UK, rugby is struggling at this time.

There are several factors behind this but the obvious ones are:

– Teams prepare for a weekend game, only to have it cancelled by their opponents at short notice because they find that they can no longer field a whole team;
– Winter weather in the UK: waterlogged or flooded pitches often force a change of ground, if a replacement can even be found.

The key problem is that, at short notice, it is nearly impossible to find another team to play or to find another ground. Until now, there has been no effective, centralised way for clubs to communicate with each other and grass-roots rugby has tended to work in small, isolated pockets and is not joined up. For example, Gloucestershire-based clubs will have little contact with (or knowledge of) Worcestershire clubs – there may be another team looking for a game only 10 miles over the county border ! There have been plans to solve this for grass roots rugby over the last three years but there has been no tangible action taken…. until now !

Meanwhile, dedicated players become frustrated at their wasted effort and commitment and fall away from the game in droves every year.

What is our solution ?

#ruplaying aims to solve the key problem – improving communication between teams by providing them with a centralised, social media-oriented platform where they can broadcast their needs to a much wider audience instantly – a sophisticated, sports-specific Bulletin Board. This will greatly improve the chances of matching them with other teams in a similar predicament and saving those weekend games.

We hope that you find #ruplaying useful and that it makes a real difference to you and your Club. We are committed to keeping our website free to use, for the good of the game.

Finally, we will keep moving the website and the concept forward – if you have ideas and comments on how we can do this, I will be delighted to hear from you !

Kind regards,
Nick Lewis
Founder & CEO – #RUPLAYING

Make games happen !